Case Studies

Learn more about the rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing & low volume production work we have done for customers.

Featured Work

XEROS - SLS Prototyping

XEROS used our SLS 3D Printing services to create prototypes for their new XF3 filters.

XEROS have been creating visible solutions for the invisible problems out planet is facing.


Mobile Power - Fit & Function Prototyping

Our 3D printing services were used by Mobile Power to produce prototypes to carry out fit & function testing of their batteries.

Mobile Power are transforming energy & transport through low-cost energy solutions.

3D Printing Services

Pandrol - Rapid Prototyping

Pandrol approached us to produce 10 models of railway tracks that they needed for InnoTrans.

Each model was manufactured using multiple different manufacturing methods including: 

  • Vacuum Casting 
  • SLA 3D Printing 
  • SLS 3D Printing 
  • Custom finishes 
  • Manual assembly of components 
3D Printed Model

Blueprint Subsea - Low Volume Production

Blueprint Subsea use our vacuum casting & custom finishing expertise for the Starfish sidescan sonars & other products.

The Artemis PRO diver sonar and navigation system was brought to market using our rapid  prototyping & low volume manufacturing services.

Vacuum Casting

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Design Validation

We assisted Fellowes alongside our partner design agency, biild, in bringing their laptop riser product idea to life and validating the design features through prototyping.  

Low Volume Production - SLA & Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting - Direct Manufactured Motorbike Accessory

We 3D printed the SLA for this project of a motorbike light mount & vacuum cast a production run of 40. These were finished matt-black & turned around within 3 weeks.

Low Volume Production - SLS

Nylon Magtec 3D Printed SLS

For MagTec, we produced strong & robust parts using SLS Nylon in medium to low volumes. This saved our customer storage space, being able to manufacture on demand.

Additive Manufacturing - SLS

AIVAF - SLS 3D Printing

We worked with Sheffield interactive specialists, AIVAF, to SLS 3D print high-quality parts for their Shrewsbury Flaxmill model with a 2-3 day turnaround.

Rapid Prototyping - SLS & SLA

Rapid Prototyping Services

Arquella utilised our 3D printing techniques to test, develop and create the hardware for their innovative nurse call system. Using SLS & SLA technologies, we created the first physical prototype of the product.

Rapid Prototyping to LVP

3D Printing UK

LG Harris used our services & technologies to produce their No Loss Paintbrush product. We developed early physical prototypes to mitigate design risks & then low volume vacuum casted models for consumer research.

Low Volume Production

UK Manufacturing

We supported Nokia with their limited-edition helmet mounts, wrist straps & waterproof cases.

Rapid Prototyping - SLA & VC

Vacuum Casting

We supported Kano Computing with their 3D printing SLA & Vacuum Casting needs for product prototyping.

Rapid Prototyping - SLA

UK 3D Printing

We supported our customer to produce highly detailed train models using our SLA High Resolution 3D printing.

Low Volume Production - Re-Engineering


We produced replacement light fixtures. UV-Stable resin was used as it could future-proof the lenses from yellowing.

Ergonomic Prototyping

Prototyping Spin Brush

Our 3D printers were used to produce functional prototypes for testing the ergonomics and features of the concept. 

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