To help you quickly find the information you need, we’ve collected frequently asked questions from our clients.

We offer delivery across the UK. We can also ship your items overseas.  

Packing, delivery and shipping will be clearly identified as a separate cost outside of your initial quote.  

Alternatively, you can arrange to collect your items directly from our facility. 

Lead times vary depending on which process (3D printing – SLA, SLA HR or SLS | Casting – Vacuum Casting or RIM Casting) you’ve selected. 

Our sales team uses a fast and tailored quoting system to tell you when you'll receive your parts. 

We offer an express production and delivery service if you require your items quicker. This includes weekend work if you need prints or casts urgently. 

Use the contact form to speak directly to our team. Or call us on +44 (0)1909 550 999 today.

We do. Our production team are skilled in a wide variety of secondary operations for our 3D printing and casting processes. These include finishing, fitting threaded inserts and assembly among others.

Upload your CAD file and tell us what you require.

Our SLA and SLS machines do have dimension maximums, but our production team is well-versed in joining parts together.

If your project exceeds the dimensions of our machines, we can advise you on how to print your project successfully and cost-effectively.  

  • SLA RS Pro 800 Max. Dimensions: 800x800x500mm 
  • SLA Pilot 450 Max. Dimensions: 450x450x400mm 
  • SLA 3500 Max. Dimensions: 350x350x350mm
  • SLA Viper Max. Dimensions: 250x250x250mm
  • SLS Max. Dimensions: 330x280x400mm

The best file type to upload for quotes are .STL  files. 

If you need help with .STL files, please do let us know and we're happy to assist. 

Our production team reviews all CAD files before build runs, and if there’s a query or problem we will discuss it with you. Since the team has over 20 years of experience, minor CAD  file mishaps will be fixed automatically.  

If you don’t have a CAD file, or an option to create one, we can source a talented mechanical engineer from our partner brand, biild, to support you. 

Of course. We work with many different companies from a variety of industries and only disclose information about projects with explicit permission.

If you need an NDA  signed, either attach it alongside your CAD file or email it directly to our team at info@ame-3d.co.uk