Selective laser sintering 3D printing

SLS 3D Printing

A highly precise 3D printing process that cost-effectively produces industrial-strength parts.

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What is Selective Laser Sintering?

Selective Laser Sintering 3D printing uses a CAD file to build a part layer by layer from nylon-based powder which is fused together with a laser.

SLS 3D printing is among the most versatile additive manufacturing technique that enables both low volume production and precision part manufacturing.


  • No Support Structures.
  • Repeatability.
  • Suitable for mechanical testing.
  • Can print complex geometries.
  • Can print high-strength parts.


  • Consumer products.
  • Functional prototypes.
  • Jigs & Fixtures.
  • Automotive & Aerospace parts.
  • Mechanical components.
SLS 3D Printing


Dimensions 330 x  280 x  400mm
Resolution Layer Thickness 0.1mm
 Clearances Min 0.8mm
Wall Thickness 0.8mm - 2.0mm  (varies with material choices)

± 0.3mm  or  ±0.05 mm / mm


Minimum depth of 1mm
-- Text must have a min. font size of 2mm 

Embossed Details

Minimum height of 1mm   


Greater than 1.5mm diameter

Escape Holes

Minimum 3.5mm diameter   


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AME Nylon PA 650 Material
  • A versatile, highly-robust chemical resistant SLS material.
  • Ideal for prototypes and end-use products. Can be sprayed painted any colour.
AME Nylon GF 615 Material
  • 50% Glass filled nylon.
  • Well suited for automotive engine components or parts that
    require complex
AME PA 2210 FR Material
  • Blue Card Certified. FAR 25.853 compliant.
  • Ideal for manufacturing flame-resistant parts that have high-mechanical properties. 


  • Loose powder removed.  
  • Bead blast.
  • Colour spray painting / colour dye.
  • Vapour smoothing.
  • Shot peening.
  • Dying black.
  • Water resistant sealing.
  • Fully bespoke custom finish.
Selective laser sintering 3D Printing

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