Reaction Injection Moulding RIM

Reaction Injection Moulding

RIM Moulding is used for rapid prototyping and low volume production, as the process offers a fast turnaround and robust end use products.

Tooling alternative | Fast turnaround | Repeatable

What is RIM Moulding?

Reaction Injection Moulding, known as RIM moulding, is the process of injecting polyurethane resin into a mould under low pressure. 

It is an accurate, low-pressure technique that creates robust and durable parts.


  • Cost-efficient alternative to hard tooling.
  • Robust parts.
  • High-temp materials available.
  • Strong parts.


  • Underbonnet components.
  • Medical devices & lab equipment.
  • Marine, diving & sonar devices.
  • Prototypes.
  • Robust base units.
RIM Moulding


Typical reaction injection moulding lead times are 8-10 days; express work available from 3-4 days.

RIM Moulding Quantities

  • Up to 50 parts can be cast per tool.
  • Typically 3 - 20 mm wall thickness.
Capacity   300 x  400 x  350mm 820 x  600 x 600mm 820 x 1800 x 600mm
Quantity   Up to 20 parts per tool
Tolerances   + / - 0.3% geometry dependent
Wall Thickness   Min. 0.5 mm - 1 mm
(Depending on the overall size. The larger the part, the thicker the wall must be)
Letters & Logo


Width = 2x height min.

Gap between raised & recessed letters


Min. 1.27 mm

Parts at the end of their lifecycle can be ground into bulk filler for the composite or construction industry. 


If the material you require isn't listed, please contact our sales team.
AME 3829 Material
  • ABS-like.
  • Available in black or beige.


  • Cosmetic surface finishing
Reaction Injection Moulding RIM

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