Vacuum Casting Services

Vacuum Casting

An ideal choice for both rapid prototyping and low volume production of end-use products or parts.

Range of finishing options | High-detailed | Repeatable

What is Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum casting is where an SLA or SLS printed part is used as a master & a silicone mould is created from it. Polyurethane resin is poured into the mould under vacuum to produce the part. 

An accurate production technique that can replicate detailed patterns, complex dimensions, and different textures.


  • Cost-efficient alternative to hard tooling.
  • Accurate & detailed.
  • Strong optical properties.
  • Adjustable hardness.


  • Small batches of end-use product runs.
  • Functional & visual prototypes.
  • Concept & appearance models.
  • Automotive parts.
Polyurethane Casting


Typical vacuum casting lead times are 8-10 days; express work available from 3-4 days.

If you require a part longer than 650 mm, please speak to our sales team.

Capacity   300 x  400 x  350mm 820 x  600 x 600mm 820 x 1800 x 600mm
Quantity   Up to 20 parts per tool
Tolerances   + / - 0.3% geometry dependent
Wall Thickness   Min. 0.5 mm - 1 mm
(Depending on the overall size. The larger the part, the thicker the wall must be)
Letters & Logo


Width = 2x height min.

Gap between raised & recessed letters


Min. 1.27 mm



If the material you require isn't listed, please contact our sales team.
AME 8891 Material
  • A soft & flexible rubber-like material.
  • Shore hardness ranges from 20 - 90 A.
AME 0095 Material
  • ABS-like material.
  • Ideal for snap-fits.
  • Shore hardness comes in 74, 77, 82D.
AME 8051 Material
  • ABS-like material.
  • Ideal for panels and enclosures.
  • Has a high-temperature resistance.
AME 3351 Material
  • UV-Stable, water clear material.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Can simulate thermoplastics.
AME PX234HT Material
  • Suitable for prototypes and technical parts. 
  • High-temperature resistance.
AME 8060-1 Material
  • Suitable for prototypes.
  • Translucent.
  • High temperature resistance.


  • Surface can be specified as textured, matt, satin or gloss.
  • Clear or frosted.
  • Rubber over mould.
  • Matt Satin or gloss metallic finish.
  • Specialised finishes available upon request.
Vacuum Casting Services

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