Casting & 3D Printing in the Film & TV Industry

Expert 3D prop makers, producing high-quality film & TV models from our UK-based Sheffield facility for over 20 years.

Demand for film & TV props is on the rise. 3D printing props allows lead times to be cut, complex geometries of parts to be achieved & high-quality detail to be consistent throughout. All at a lower cost than traditional manufacturing methods.  
We are proud to have our very own experienced team of model makers that can create stunning life-like props with intricate details through our advanced 3D printing technologies & bespoke model finishing solutions. 

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Prop Makers

Film & TV Props

We are trusted manufacturers of 3D printed movie props for multiple production companies. The 3D technologies we have available means that we can produce fully bespoke & finished props within a short timeframe while maintaining the highest quality expected within such a detailed industry.  

  • Creating replicas of artifacts with accuracy thanks to SLS, MJF & SLA 3D printing. 
  • Multiple copies of the same prop with minimal variation.
  • Accurate parts with custom finishes. 


Reduce the need for CGI and costly costume components through 3D printing. Our range of capabilities allows intricate pieces to be created that are designed to fit straight away. Enabling iterated designs to be created in just a fraction of the time.  

  • Create rapid prototypes for costume testing. 
  • Alter designs quickly. 
  • Lightweight pieces. 
3D Printing Props
3D Printing Prop Makers

Camera/Set Equipment

To achieve the high-quality production required for this industry, many TV and movie sets have cameras that need bespoke mounts, casings or rigs for better shots. Our 3D printing & casting services could be the solution due to their ability to produce accurate one-off designs. 

  • A range of rigid, strong & sturdy materials. 
  • One-offs & prototypes available for testing. 
  • Low-cost parts. 

Special FX/Prosthesis

Combining 3D printing with moulding allows specific textures and tones to be achieved for special FX makeup prosthetics. Our vacuum casting technology means that we can create life-like special FX parts that are skin-friendly. 

  • High-resolution, realistic parts.
  • Achieve precise textures.
  • Keep costs low. 
Model Makers
3D Printed Props

Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation could require multiple iterations of a character or background item as each shot transitions from another. From a rendered animation to a 3D printable STL file, the process is easy, bringing your animation to life.   

3D Printing enables this to be achieved at a low cost, with precision. 

  • Repeatable. 
  • Minimal design intervention required. 
  • Cost-effective. 
  • Custom-made figures with different emotions/positions are made easy. 

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