One of a kind SLA

Our first large frame SLA machine is ready to build 800mm single piece parts.


We pride ourselves in our precision and accuracy.

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3D printing and rapid prototyping done quickly and efficiently

Experienced team

Our team have supported the manufacturing industry for over 20 years

All your 3D Printing for manufacturing & Low Volume Production

Unleash the technology

Discover  the highs 3D Printing and Low Volume  Production technology  can achieve. 



3D print parts and products with precision and speed. 



Print  robust parts and complicated geometries. 


Vac Casting

Low-cost prototyping and ideal for small product runs. 


RIM Casting

Large silicone rubber units for rapid prototyping.

Changing SLA printing

We're  pleased to announce our new SLA capacity, and to introduce two new machines to our fleet. 

RS Pro 800 

  • One of a kind SLA machine
  • Builds single pieces up to 800x800x550mm 

Pilot 450

  • Only 1 of 6 in the UK
  • Builds  layers as fine as 0.05mm
RS Pro 800 front

What do you want to create?

compr. form, fit prototype SLA clear paintbrush prototype LG Harris No Loss Paint Range zoomed in
Form, Fit & Function
compressed engineering  prototype JigTech
Engineering Prototypes
compr. Low Volume Production electrical device
Low Volume Production
compressed Race Logic Direct Manufacturing zoomed in
Direct Manufacturing

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We benefit from their expertise in creating a professional looking product which can be made in low volumes and turned around quickly for delivery to our clients.

James Barratt, Blueprint Subsea

AME-3D have never let us down. The range of services offered is excellent, with my employer using both the 3D printing services and the other prototyping techniques such as vac-casting.

Martin Baker, Senior Design Engineer Loadhog Ltd.

Using AME-3D’s SLA printer is cost-effective for us as we can produce production quality parts in low volumes at significantly lower costs compared to traditional volume production processes and much shorter lead times.

Dan Wells, Fourdees Ltd.

Liquid cooling is a fast-paced industry that needs reliable partners who deliver. I’m very pleased with AME-3D’s response and build times.

No matter how tight my deadline is or how complex my request, I know the team will go the extra mile to help me out. Excellent parts and fantastic delivery.

Paul Tatterton, Icetope

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