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Rapid Prototyping

Quick realisation of a physical part, model or assembly using 3D CAD. Types of prototypes usually produced include:

  • Form / Visual Prototypes
  • Fit Prototypes
  • Functional Prototypes
Rapid Prototyping Services
3D Printing Services

3D Printing

Streamlining production by using additive manufacturing technology to create end-use parts. Simplifying the supply chain through our 3D printing services.

  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Low Volume Production

Using a combination of 3D printing, vacuum casting & RIM moulding techniques, products and parts can be produced on a short timescale. 

  • Replaces costly traditional manufacturing methods.
  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Repeatable.
Low Volume Production Product Manufacturing
3D Printing Service UK

Who are AME-3D?

25+Years Experience

Experienced, reliable & professional.

Originating from AME Group, AME-3D was formed to focus solely on our manufacturing & 3D printing services. We pride ourselves in developing a workplace for our experts to thrive whilst providing excellent solutions for our customers' manufacturing issues.

Why choose AME-3D?

3D Printing Experts

Our UK-based additive manufacturing services are fast, reliable & high-quality. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We provide quick lead times, multiple options for manufacturing & expert advice about which solutions are best suited for your purpose.


3D Printing Services

AME-3D proved to be an invaluable partner in solving a critical challenge faced by our engineers and users. Their expertise in additive manufacturing allowed them to not only grasp the problem but also to collaboratively redesign and optimize a solution.

Since then, AME-3D has transitioned seamlessly into a trusted, high-volume supplier of these components. Their reliability and support have been instrumental in our success, and we're already exploring further collaborations on new products and challenges. We highly value their partnership and the positive working relationship we've established with their team.

Ian Fisher
Harvest Healthcare

Parts were turned around extremely quickly and we were pleased with the exceptional quality. We have finally found a local reliable 3D part supplier to use in the future.

Georgia Brunton

We benefit from their expertise in creating a professional-looking product which can be made in low volumes and turned around quickly for delivery to our clients.

James Barratt
Blueprint Subsea

AME-3D have never let us down. The range of services offered is excellent, with my employer using both the 3D printing services and the other prototyping techniques such as vac-casting. 

Martin Baker
Loadhog LTD.

Using AME-3D’s SLA printer is cost-effective for us as we can produce production quality parts in low volumes at significantly lower costs compared to traditional volume production processes and much shorter lead times.

Dan Wells
Fourdees LTD.

No matter how tight my deadline is or how complex my request is, I know the team will go the extra mile to help me out. Excellent parts and fantastic delivery.

Paul Tatterton 

We’ve found that AME-3D’s technologies work perfectly in our application. Using the SLS nylon means that we can produce parts that are tough and robust, very repeatable, and it keeps the design flexible.

Jim Erskine

Within 24 hours, Rich offered me 3 different solutions, a brief phone conversation followed and a costed proposal was sent over. Samples were turned around really quickly and on receipt, they looked beautifully finished and fitted perfectly.

Phil Nichols