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MEPCA Engineering explores AM and dropshipping

Image of Rich Proctor
Rich Proctor
Mepca July 2021 Magazine cover

MEPCA  Engineering is the  UK's go-to magazine of Directors, Senior Managers and Engineers across the processing and manufacturing sectors.

It covers news and topics for the UK's manufacturing, engineering, process , control and automation sectors. All of which are sectors that benefit from using Additive Manufacturing as part of their processes. 

MEPCA Engineering Featured Image

The July 2021 issue takes a closer look at   how the pandemic has brought on innovation in different areas of manufacturing with a particular focus on  the new role Additive Manufacturing now plays. 

Additive Manufacturing & Dropshipping

We added our insight and know-how to this issue with an overview of how  Additive Manufacturing opens dropshipping options. These options weren't on the radar pre-pandemic time but are set to revolutionise how businesses of all sizes can now utilise Additive Manufacturing. 

Read the full article on page 28 of MEPCA's July issue, which is available online here:

MEPCA AM in dropshipping MEPCA July issue article

And if you'd like to find out more about our direct manufacturing and dropshipping services, visit our service page here or contact us online today

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