AME Nylon SLS 3D Printing

Sep 24, 2021 11:05:22 AM | prototyping tips Material Breakdown:  AME Nylon SLS Material

Our Additive Manufacturing Material Breakdown. Explore AME Nylon's characteristics and find out why it's used in Selective Laser Sintering. Read more.

Every additive manufacturing  material has its own  strengths and weaknesses. 

To make life easier, I've worked with the AME-3D production team to summarise the most important  characteristics of the different materials used across our AM technologies. 

Selective Laser Sintering is a highly popular 3D printing process, as it  is a very versatile process, which can produce robust end-use parts, as well as engineering prototypes. 

Nylon SLS 3D Printing

What better way to start our new "Material Breakdown" series  than with the most popular material used in SLS 3D printing. 

To find out more about Selective Laser Sintering, visit the AME-3D  capabilities page here, or book a chat with our team today. 

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Andrew Scholey

Written By: Andrew Scholey

Technical Sales Manager specialising in 3D Printing, End-Use Parts, Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing.