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Material Breakdown:  AME 0095 ABS-Like Material

Image of Andrew Scholey
Andrew Scholey
AME 0095 material RaceLogic

It's time for the next step in our journey  of exploring the key benefits of materials used in additive manufacturing and model making technologies. If you're curious about step one, here's  a look at my previous blog post which explored  AME Nylon used for SLS components. 

AME 0095 is an all-round ABS-like, vacuum casting material, which is used in many prototyping applications and low to medium volume production projects of end use parts. 

AME 0095 infographic

The main industries using this material to optimise their production and prototyping projects are: 

  • Manufacturing / OEMs
  • Automotive
  • Film / TV Props
  • Toys
  • Electrical appliances
  • Consumer goods 

This is such a versatile, robust material that can be colour matched which makes it one of our favourites. 

If you'd like to explore examples of AME 0095 in use, explore the case studies in the Niche Manufacturing section, or review vacuum casting technologies.  Our team is always on hand to help with  general or case-specific questions. Use the online form below to get in touch. 

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