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Feb 8, 2022 4:50:11 PM | 3d printing State of resin 3D printing Interview

Explore my recent interview with 3D Printing Industry, the global media authority on additive manufacturing, as we discuss the state of resin 3D printing.

The UK's additive manufacturing industry is growing, changing, and thriving. More industries than ever before are using 3D printing  technologies to streamline prototyping, production, and manufacturing . And there is so much more to come. 

Global media company, 3D Printing Industry, is the  authoritative voice of additive manufacturing and is running a fascinating new series on  the state of resin 3D printing.

Editor-in-chief, Michael  Petch, asked me for an interview  to discuss  the areas where SLA 3D printing technology needs to advance and how new materials could propel the sector further.

It was a very interesting conversation, and I believe you will find the full article insightful. 

Follow the link below to read the full interview:

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Written By: Rich Proctor

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