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Join the  UK brands optimising their product development by using the technologies  of Low Volume Production, Rapid  Prototyping and 3D Printing for Manufacturing with a partner who puts quality first. 

Precision, confidentiality and simplicity  is what AME-3D is all about. That's why we've set-up a convenient online quoting system.   Easily upload your files or images and receive a fully bespoke quote from our team. 

It's  easy to do and saves you time too: 

  • Upload your CAD file
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    • Quantity
    • Dimensions
    • Colour
    • Material
    • Finishes 
    • Preferred tech process  (SLA, SLS, Casting, Overmould etc.) 
  • Receive a tailored quote from our sales team 
  • Review quote and lead times
  • Confirm your order