MEPCA October Cover Additive Manufacturing

Sep 28, 2021 3:26:36 PM | 3d printing MEPCA October | Additive Manufacturing : the key to reshoring

New article in MEPCA Magazine called Additive Manufacturing - the key to reshoring. Discover how AM can empower you to achieve supply chain agility.

The UK's go-to magazine for  engineers and manufacturing directors  is MEPCA  Engineering. 

It helps their audience  stay up to date  thanks to a monthly magazine, which covers    the UK's manufacturing, engineering, mechanical process, control and automation sectors.

October 2021's issue  is all about the benefits of the additive manufacturing . 


MEPCA October 2021 Additive Manufacturing Cover

 As additive manufacturing experts ourselves, our team supported this special issue with an article on how additive manufacturing is the key to reshoring. 

You can now read the full article online here on page 16:

AM unlocks reshoring article

For support on how to review your own supply chain agility, explore which additive manufacturing  technologies can  improve your product development  or contact our team today. 

Rich Proctor

Written By: Rich Proctor

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