RIM Casting


Reaction Injection Moulding, known as RIM casting, is the process of injecting polyurethane resin into a mould under low pressure.  

RIM casting is used for rapid prototyping and low volume production, as the process offers a fast turnaround and robust end use products.  

Fast Process

Tooling Alternative

RIM Casting products 3 sizes side by side of Hymec pipeline repair chasis

Aesthetic Products

Large Products

How RIM Casting  works  

RIM  casting is a reactive technique that uses two component polyurethane, silicone moulds to quickly create robust parts.  

    1. 3D CAD file is reviewed by the AME-3D production team 
    2. CAD file is set-up in the  SLA or  SLS  system
    3. The master is completed to the specified  surface finish 
    4. A silicone  mould is created from the master pattern 
    5. Once cured the silicone  mould is opened along a predetermined parting line 
    6. The polyurethane is poured in and the  mould  is cast in the RIM casting chamber
    7. Any excess material is  skilfully  removed
    8. The RIM cast product is finalised with the requested finish 

Ready to Create?

RIM Casting Application  and Uses 

  • Rapid prototyping  
  • Low volume production 
  • Robust base units 
  • Underbonet components
  • Automotive seat belt and seat cover mouldings    
  • Medical  devices and laboratory equipment  
  • Marine, diving and sonar devices 

 RIM Casting Quantities  

  • Up to 50 parts can be cast per tool  
  • Typically 3 - 20 mm wall thickness  

Parts at the end of their lifecycle can be ground into bulk filler for the composite or construction industry. 

Lead times 

Typical RIM lead times are:  

  • 8-10 days

If you require your project sooner, our team can advise you and offer an express service.

If the material you need isn’t listed, we order material in for customers. Simply discuss your project specifications with our sales team. 

AME 3829 

A  two component polyurethane material similar to ABS and polypropylene available in either black or beige.  

Shore Hardness 82 - 86D
Tensile Strength 43 - 47 MPa
Flexural Strength 63 - 67 MPa
Flexural Modulus 1,400 - 1,600 MPa
Heat Deflection Temp. 82 - 86°C
Elongation Break 5 - 7%

Finishes for RIM Casting

  • Cosmetic surface finishing 
RIM Casting products 3 sizes side by side of Hymec pipeline repair chasis



 RIM Casting  is aaccurate, low pressure  technique that creates robust and durable parts.   Its main benefits include:   

  • Robust parts 
  • Cost-effective tooling  
  • High  temperature materials available  
  • Strong and high impact resistant material  available 
  • Durable polyurethane housings 
  • Product silicone rubber components 

Power up your product development with RIM Casting

Discuss your RIM Casting options with our team.