Form, Fit and Function Prototypes

To enable you to follow the F3 framework we can provide form, fit and function prototypes.

The 3D printed  or cast prototypes   combined with  different techniques give you the variety, accuracy  and capability that your project needs.   Our team  can also  order  specialist  material  iyou  need to explore alternative design options. 


Utilise our form prototypes to validate the  look, and feel of your product or part.

  • Use SLA  or SLS 3D printing techniques to create various  prototypes quickly for the different stages of design
  • Review  overall aesthetics and dimensions like   size and feel 
  • Inspect enclosures, chassis and control panels 
  • Save on overall  design costs thanks to  the flexibility and repeatability of our builds 

Thanks to our  iteration options you can check and recheck that the form of  the product matches the spec. 

SLA grade 01 finish grey_light fixture_zoomed in


Physical prototypes remain the best and most efficient way to test your design before mass production starts.   With our fit prototype production, you can:

  • Check assembly tolerances of your part or product 
  • Examine snap-fits , interlocking parts and  ensure joined features fit together 
  • Ensure holes and fixtures align perfectly 
  •  Utilise our full range of material choices and prototyping techniques

The fit process enables  closer examination of  your part, helping you finalise your designs before entering production runs.

Race Logic Direct Manufacturing zoomed in

Functional Prototypes

Use our different prototyping techniques to test multiple iterations of your product.  Validate basic  product functionality  or more complex features. 

  • Build and assess:
    • Locking devices
    • Snap-fits
    • Flexible lugs
    • Screw threads
    • The placing and  size of ports
    • Assembly process for scalability

With our functional prototyping service, you can ensure your part reliably performs its stated purpose.

engineering  prototype JigTech Vacuum cast prototype

 Save on overall costs by using our  comprehensive form, fit and function prototyping services.  

Put our team to the test and discover how our flexible and reliable prototyping  can support you through every stage of the design process.

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