Engineering Prototypes 

With the UK government pledging to raise investment in R&D to 2.7%  of  GDP by 2027, product prototyping  is in demand now more than ever. 

Engineer for success

Use our prototyping services to test  mechanics and full functionality before committing to mass production.

We enable you to quickly , accurately and cost-efficiently prove  out  the mechanical design  of your product design by building highly accurate concept  test products and pre-production prototypes. 


What's in it for you? 

  • Utilise our wide variety of material choices  
    • Including   ABS-like durable plastics,  clear, moisture resistant plastics,  nylon and glass-filled nylon, rubber and  silicone
  • Test and evaluate  mechanical parts and features 
    • Retest and revisit through  iterations
    • Clarify  design before  committing   to mass production
  • Choose from a wide variety of surface finishes  
    • Including   wet sanding or polished resin,  spray painting  or colour pigmenting,   rough finish or smooth gloss finish
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Our production team has over 20 years of experience in the  3D printing and model making industry.   

They've encountered  many different engineering challenges and are well-versed  in problem solving. Their experience and expertise  in finding the right process, technique or CAD optimisation is at your disposal at no extra cost. 


"I like that I can drop CAD files in at any time and AME-3D will meet my deadlines.

It's great that material can be bought in specially, and I appreciate that everything is achievable whether it's a quick fix or a more complex solution.  "

John Greenwood,  Senior Mechanical Designer 


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You can easily upload STL  files for a fast and precise quotes.

Lead times vary depending on the complexity of your prototyping project.  We aim for a four day lead time  and can offer an express service if required. 

Did you know, we also offer low volume production services?

If you need to run a small batch production, we can help. Explore our low volume production services or contact the AME-3D team via our contact form today.

Ready to create?

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