Rich & Keith on his 25th AME Group Work Anniversary

Oct 4, 2022 10:15:00 AM | Company news Celebrating Keith's 25 Years With AME-3D

Our product development technician recently hit his 25th year anniversary of working at AME Group. This is a great milestone for such a dedicated employee.

AME-3D are proud to announce that, this week, our longest-serving staff member Keith Hadfield has reached his 25th anniversary with AME-Group.

Keith is our product development technician. When AME Group was first created in 1996 by Ian Jones, Keith was Ian’s first employee. This is a great achievement and we are grateful to celebrate Keith’s long-term commitment, hard work and dedication to the business.

Keith, our product development technician's 25th anniversary at AME Group


Ian had this to say about Keith's service…

“25 years of service with any employer is a remarkable achievement. We are very proud of Keith and so grateful for his incredible contribution to AME. Over this time, Keith has overseen challenging projects too numerous to count, and this vast experience means that there is not a lot that would faze him today. We really appreciate his humility and diligence too - a true gentle giant!

Looking forward to seeing what the next 25 years bring!”

Keith & company founder, Ian Jones.


Thank you, Keith, for your long-term commitment to AME-3D.

Rich Proctor

Written By: Rich Proctor

Rich has a background in engineering & design, with 8+ years of strategic planning experience. As the Managing Director, he is keen to push boundaries.