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Rapid prototyping is the future of fast and accurate healthcare and medical devices. 

The UK is home to the third largest medical device market in Europe, and the trends suggest that it will grow substantially from here on out. 

It is the  flexibility, versatility  and repeatability,  which both  3D printing  and casting techniques offer,  that attracts healthcare and medical device designers to  rapid prototyping.  


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Healthcare technology innovator, Arquella is bringing its revolutionary  care home technology to market. 

The company utilised the 3D printing techniques of AME-3D to test, develop and create the hardware for their innovative nurse call system.  

A combination of SLA and SLS printing techniques created the first physical prototype of the product.

Now AME-3D supports  Arquella with the low volume production of the call system and accessories.

Since its first prototype was presented to UK nursing homes, there have been:  

  • Over 100 units installed, with further agreements for many more 
  • Bluetooth and non-location pendants launched  to accompany call system
Arquella test 2

" Thanks to AME-3D's rapid prototyping services, our team could swiftly and efficiently bring the nurse call system AIDA Assist to market.

We benefit from AME-3D's know-how and experience in 3D printing and casting techniques.   The team is very accommodating, and we plan to work with them for future product launches. "

Paul Howell, CEO of Arquella

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