DIY and Hardware

Endless possibilities  to create new tools and hardware

The UK’s DIY and home improvement market has always held a strong position. It’s only second to the grocery market and that was  before a boost in sales due to people spending more time at home.  

Demand for more DIY solutions and more tools to make home improvement easier are in demand and are expected to stay in demand for years to come. 


3D printing has contributed to this since the rapid prototyping and vacuum casting techniques have shortened the time it takes to develop new products. 

These processes have also reduced overall tooling costs and made new product development highly cost-effective.

LG Harris No Loss Paintbrush 

LG Harris is one of Europe’s largest and best-known paintbrush and decorating tool manufacturers. 

Design consultancy, biild, used  AME-3D's vacuum casting and low volume production facilities to  test  the design of a  new paintbrush’s form and ergonomics. 

The No Loss Paintbrush design sketches were quickly produced as aesthetic models ready for consumer testing.

AME-3D  produced: 

  • Early physical prototypes to mitigate design risks  
  • Low volume vacuum cast models for  consumer research 

LG Harris  have been using AME-3D's industrial  prototyping   and production services since 2006  as part of their  new product development  process.


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