Automotive Additive Manufacturing

Helping the UK's automotive industry streamline operations with Additive Manufacturing & Low Volume Production 

More and more automotive designers are using Additive Manufacturing (AM) & Low Volume Production (LVP) to build parts and prototypes faster. 

The on-demand nature of AM lends itself well to the automotive industry and  with it  you can streamline  not only prototyping but   part production and even assembly. 


AM technologies like Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering  (SLS)  can be used across  several stages of development. Here is an overview of where AM and LVP technologies can be applied by automotive companies. 

Concept and styling models

Use SLA to  create one-off, high-finish prototypes .

SLA technology  accurately mimics the  form and aesthetics of dashboards, grilles, wingmirrors, headlights and more.

  •  Create concept and styling models and show your team the features of your latest design in context. 
  • Easily and affordably build high-quality, representative parts.

 Engineering services

The robust nylon used in SLS technologies is well-suited for functional testing, while overmoulding can be used to create form and fit parts. Use these technologies and our team's engineering experience to build verification prototypes and experimental prototypes. 

  • Easily validate the mechanical features of your design.
  • Iterate designs to refine parts and optimise their functions / functionality. 

 Manufacturing process aids

Use AM technologies to build  customised manufacturing aids.  Easily repeat your order and only build what you need, when you need it. 

  • Fully customised tools.
  • Build jigs, fixtures and handheld tools; like gap & flush measurement tools.

Automotive Part Production

AM & LVP processes offer you a quick turnaround of end-use parts. Using these technologies for part production is  a fantastic alternative to tooling on  preproduction vehicles and enables you to easily  develop:

  • Dash components like vents. 
  • Handles, buttons, caps and levers.
  • Brackets and mounts.
  • Seat backs.

In addition,  AM part production is a comparatively low investment manufacturing solution that can improve the speed that you  can develop at.  



AM & LVP processes enable you to validate your design throughout the different stages of development. This in turn speeds up development. It's also a confidence boost to you, since you've been able to affordably validate your design every step of the way. 

  • Create visually stunning, representative parts .
  • Easily engineer and test functional parts.
  • Streamline assembly with appropriate and bespoke manufacturing process aids.


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