AME-3D team in workshop

Jul 5, 2021 9:00:00 AM | Company news Introducing AME-3D

AME Group of Sheffield proudly presents the company's first sub-brand, AME-3D. Here to empower 3D printing and additive manufacturing customers.

Time for a new chapter  

Our parent company AME Group was granted a fantastic investment by NPIF- Mercia Equity Finance.

This has empowered AME Group to complete the first of many big and beneficial changes.  

The first change is us, your AME-3D team 

AME-3D team member, Andy, vacuum casting in the workshop 

 For over 20 years, AME Group has  provided rapid prototyping and product design services to the UK.

With the new investment, we’re taking this opportunity to create a clearer 3D printing voice that  has the tenacity,  skill and flexibility to face the future challenges of additive manufacturing.

Rapid prototyping will remain one of our key  capabilities, but  there’s now so much more.  

AME-3D is here to: 

  • Deliver high-quality prints and models 
  • Share technical know-how about 3D printing and model making  
  • Accelerate your off-machine part and production process  
  • Provide versatile material choices and specialised finish options 
  • Supply direct manufacture and low volume production to even more customers  
  • Support great ideas to become successful start-up businesses thanks to our partnership programme  

Our brand values have always revolved around our customers and this rebrand gives us the opportunity to proactively support you.  

Whether that’s to professionally 3D  print  a part or product quickly, to cast an accurate and visually stunning model or to enable you to deliver to your customers by utilising low volume production.  

A Yorkshire brand revitalised with Yorkshire skills  

We set ourselves the challenge of creating a new and clearer brand voice for our additive manufacturing customers. Our headquarters and the team’s heart lie within Yorkshire. We wanted to therefore work with other Yorkshire businesses to make our new brand a reality.  

We’d like to thank graphic designer,  Grace Abell of Abell Design in York  for her work on creating the new AME-3D logo. Our aim was to embrace our heritage while simultaneously highlighting our new ambitions for the additive manufacturing market.  

A new brand also needs new photographs. We wanted to capture the precision of our 3D prints and the finishing processes that our skilled team have perfected over the years.  

We were  spoilt for choice when it came to talented photographers in Yorkshire.   Fraser  Havenhand  of  Sheffield  stood out to us though,  thanks to his ability to capture the true beauty of any product and to set an atmosphere in the workshop. You’ll be able to enjoy Fraser’s work throughout the AME-3D website. 

SLA finishes group picture  by Fraser Havenhand 

 Join us on our exciting journey 

The launch of AME-3D marks a new and exciting chapter in our company’s journey.  The new brand enables us to communicate our popular services and capabilities to you more efficiently.

And you can discover what new features we’re offering in our website introduction here.  (Link to other blog post)  

We’d like to thank our existing customers and partners for their continuous support since our journey began in 1996. You’ve helped us grow into the successful  team we are today and made this next chapter in our journey possible.  

We’d also like to welcome new and future customers who join the AME-3D  journey.  Our team is looking forward to working with you.  

Rich Proctor

Written By: Rich Proctor

Rich has a background in engineering & design, with 8+ years of strategic planning experience. As the Managing Director, he is keen to push boundaries.