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We’re UK-based and have an absolute focus on Quality and Reliability.

Put your time to good use and let AME-3D deal with your additive manufacturing requirements.

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Don't let another supplier's lack of flexibility mean you don't get what you want.

Why AME-3D?

     26 years in the 3D printing industry

   15+ material options

   6 SLA machines

   2 SLS machines

   1 MJF service

   24/7 printing capability

   Full UK manufacturing base

   1000s of satisfied clients both big and small

   Large frame SLA capacity

   Same day or next day UK delivery


3D Printing Service

Don't just take our word for it...

High Quality 3D Printing

"We benefit from AME-3D's expertise in creating a professional looking product that can be made in low volumes and turned around quickly for delivery to our clients"

- James Barratt (Blueprint Subsea)

Additive Manufacturing Business

"Excellent parts and fantastic delivery. No matter how tights my deadline or how complex my request, I know the team will go the extra mile to help me out. "

- Paul Tatterton (Icetope)

Product Manufacturing Partner

"We benefit from AME-3D's know-how and experience in 3D printing and casting techniques.   The team is very accommodating, and we plan to work with them for future product launches."

- Paul Howell (Arquella)

Get the Additive Manufacturing partner you need and others trust.

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