Product Prototyping with SLA 3D Printing & Vacuum Casting

We supported Kano Computing with their 3D printing SLA & Vacuum Casting needs for product prototyping before mass production.  

3D Printing Toys

“Anyone can make” is Kano’s company motto, and thanks to the make-your-own-technology anyone truly can create. 

Combining fun with learning is often a tough challenge for toy brands, but Kano have nailed this with the invention of the world’s first make your own computer for kids. It was voted the second most innovative consumer electronics company worldwide by Fast Company (just missing out on the top spot held by Apple). 

AME-3D supports Kano Computing with their 3D printing needs for product prototyping and we’re excited to see what’s next for this highly innovative company. 

Prototyping Toys

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