Direct Manufacturing

Optimise your supply chain with 3D printing and casting techniques. 

Many companies aren’t set-up to economically process parts to order.  That’s where AME-3D’s direct manufacturing skills come in.

Get to Market Quicker 

By using 3D printing and low volume production techniques, we can bridge the gap between prototypes and full-scale production.   

The benefits of using  our direct manufacture  services include:  

  • Identifying  hidden problems before mass production starts 
  • Being in the position to allow faster design changes  
  • Reducing  costs for one-product productions  
  • Reducing  tooling costs  
  • Being able to order individual parts on demand  
  • Starting  your marketing before mass production 

Our  team can help if you already have a prototype design that needs to be manufactured in a low volume. 

We can also assist with rapid prototyping  to get your product to market efficiently and quickly. 

Use lean manufacturing  

Thanks to Kanban’s agile and effective methods, you can get more work done. However,  this  process  doesn’t have to be handled by your team alone.  

Have  AME-3D's off machine and on demand part  production  become an integrated part of your WIP. 

  • Build off machine parts on demand 
  • We'll hold your parts on hand
  • Parts can be drop shipped to you  when needed

With our in-depth understanding of lean  manufacturing, we   will  seamlessly fit into your just in time production process.  

Simply upload your CAD file  and specify requirements  in the form. 

Lean Start-up Advice

Interested in direct manufacture, but need some help  to turn plans into reality? 

Book a free consultation with our lean start-up experts and get your product  set for  market success. 


Ready to build?

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