Process Finishes and Materials

Overview of the different process finishes available at AME-3D

To help you find the right material and process for your project, we've summarised the available finishes and material benefits below.

Please note, if you require a tailored finish or material choice speak to our team.

We're happy to source different material and can combine different finishing and modelling techniques to ensure your product matches your requirements. 

3D Printing

SLA & SLA High Resolution

  •  Laser and UV-light sensitive 3D printing process  

Available Finishes 

Grade 01 

    • Post-curing (via UV-light)
    • Remove support and bead blasting if required         
      (Please note, scarring with build layers is still visible)
SLA grade 01 finish grey_light fixture zoomed

Grade 02

Grade 02 includes the finishes of Grade 01 and on top of that: 

    • Sanding to remove build lines

    • No specific surface finish

SLA grade 02 finish grey_light fixture_zoomed in

Grade 03 

Grade 03 includes the finishes of both Grade 01 and Grade 02. You can choose from the Grade 03 options listed below.

Please note you can mix the finish choices of Grade 03. Leads times vary depending on grade 03 finishing choice. Request a tailored quote from our team for full details. 

  • Sanding 
  • Wet sanding 
  • Priming 
  • Spray painting  
  • Polished to clear transparent resin or frosted 
  • Surface finish can be specified as sparked, matt, satin, gloss 
SLA grade 03 finish smooth grey-light fixture zoomed
SLA grade 03 finish gloss black_light fixture zoomed in-1

Benefits and Applications

Accura Xtreme Plastics: Durable Plastic 

  • Available in white or grey
  • Rapid prototyping & Visual prototypes
  • Consumer electronics and medical devices
  • Master parts for vacuum tooling and RIM casting

Accura Clearvue Plastic: Moisture Resistant Plastic 

  • Available in clear 
  • Moisture resistant and tough material
  • Transparent assemblies, bottles & headlamps
  • Capable of meeting UPS Class VI

Accura 25: Flexible Plastic 

  • Available in white
  • Suitable for durable functional prototypes
  • Ideal for snap-fit assemblies
  • Master patterns for urethane casting


  • Powder-based 3D printing technique

Available Finishes 

  • Off machine with loose powder removed  
  • Bead blast  
  • Colour spray painting 
  • Clear lacquer 
SLS product finish close-up of top
SLS product finish close-up of bottom

Benefits and Applications

AME Nylon PA 650

  • Available in white and also colour pigmentable
  • Rapid Prototyping & Low Volume Production
  • Increased recyclability over other nylon 12 materials
  • Good accuracy and end-use functionality

AME GF Nylon 615 GS: 50% glass filled nylon 

  • Available in a light sand coloured material 
  • Mould and tooling
  • Increased recyclability over other glass filled materials
  • Chemical resistance to alkalines, hydrocarbons, fuels, solvents
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Vacuum Casting

  • Polymer casting process using silicone moulds 

Available Finishes 

  • Surface can be specified as textured, matt, satin or gloss
  • Clear or frosted
  • Rubber over mould
  • Matt, satin or gloss metallic finish
  • Specialised finishes available  on request 
Vacuum Casting product Starfish Blueprint Subsea -1
JigTech Vacuum cast prototype

Benefits and Applications 

AME 95: All-Rounder Material 

  • Available in clear and colourless; colour pigmentable
  • Strong, optical properties
  • Great for colour match or clear parts

AME 8891: Flexible Rubber 

  • Available in white and also colour pigmentable
  • Low viscosity
  • Adjustable hardness

AME 8051: High Temperature Resistant Material 

  • Available in white
    • Please note due to the white base colour pigmented products come out slightly lighter in colour than expected, but adjustments can be made to match your colour choice. 
  • Suitable for automotive panels and enclosures
  • High temperature resistant

AME 8263: Flame Retardant Material 

  • Available in white
    • Please note due to the white base colour pigmented products come out slightly lighter in colour than expected, but adjustments can be made to match your colour choice. 
  • Good for electrical enclosures
  • Certified fire retardant UL94V-0

RIM Casting

  • Low pressure injection of polyurethane resin into moulds 

Available Finishes 

  • Cosmetic surface finishing
RIM Casting products 3 sizes overlapped

Benefits and Applications 

AME  3829: Two Component Polyurethane

  • Available in black and beige 
  • Suitable for rapid prototyping & low volume production ·
  • Fast demould (approx. 25 minutes)
  • High heat distortion temperature

Did you know, we also offer low volume production services?

If you work in a small order industry and want to save on warehouse costs, explore our low volume production services.

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