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The new AME-3D website

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AME-3D Admin
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Thanks to  the  new investment from NPIF-Mercia,  AME Group has been able to review, plan and implement some of our long-term strategies. This new and improved AME-3D website is the first step of many more  changes to come.  

Our goal 

Every change we have lined up has one thing in common and that’s our customers. Our goal is to make your lives' easier.  We took a good, long look at  our AME Group website and decided that we needed a  website fully dedicated to 3D Printing and Low Volume Production.

This enables us to: 

Speed up  how customers can order  

As additive manufacturing covers many different and specialised processes like 3D printing, rapid prototyping and Low Volume Production, it can take a bit of investigating to find out if the provider  you're  looking at offers what you need.  

To help you quickly find what you’re looking for we’ve added our most popular  services  to our website.  


services snip-1If you’re looking for specific prototype capabilities such as a form, fit or function prototype or need a more robust engineering prototype, you can now quickly find  more information about this on our website. 

Likewise,  if you’re looking to run a small batch production or want direct manufacturing help, you can go directly to these sections of the website.  

CAD Files CAD gif 

If you’ve got a CAD and you’re looking for a quote, simply upload it immediately to our new website. Our sales team receive the file and will get back to you asap with a tailored quote.  

Meeting  requests  

If you need to talk through your project with one of the team, you can use the handy online contact form or book a meeting directly with them. Click on the “Talk to Sales” button and book a free consultation at a time that suits you.  

Speed up and clarify what you can expect from our experienced team  

We like the fine detail and know that a lot of you do too. That’s why  we’ve added some of the more technical and specific detail of 3D printing, casting, the materials we use, and the finishes our team is skilled in.   

sla 3D printing website features gif

Material Matrix  

Each of our capability pages provides material specific details,  and if you’d prefer all materials listed in one place  you can explore our new material matrix. Compare tensile strengths and elongation break percentages. 

Finishes page 

To  highlight the behind-the-scenes craft that  our  casting customers know and love, we’ve put together an overview of what our finishes look like. A lot of time and skill goes into these and we believe in giving our customers a large variety of choice. 

 Industry pages  

To support customers in specific industries or niches to determine if our offering is right for them, we’ve collaborated with some of our existing customers to offer some industry insight.  

Keep an eye on these pages, as we’re planning to grow and expand these as our customers grow and expand their offering. 

AME-3D industries 

 Helping start-ups  

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve seen a lot of brilliant ideas become successful and some brilliant ideas struggle to get off the ground.  Where possible, our company has supported some individual start-ups, and it’s always been tough to have to walk away from what looks like a great opportunity.  

While we can’t become your own personal investor or dragon, what we can do is offer you practical advice on how to secure the funding you need to  succeed

Our lean start-up advice isn’t only limited to funding though. We will also advise you on fast and efficient product design, prototyping best practice and how to test for better consumer uptake.  

This new service is free, as we want to help great ideas become a reality. If this is of interest to you, book your free start-up consultation today.

 startup image of a busiess founder drinking from a 80 slash 20 coffee mug

And that’s our new website. We’ve got a few other plans coming up, which you’ll be able to follow on our website and via our new social media channels. 

Our main goal is to enable you to get all your online manufacturing needs met by one experienced and skilled  team. We hope to hear from you soon. 

If you already have a project in mind, why not put our new online  system to the test and upload your CAD file today?

Upload CAD button still

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